The Balance 50 hr Fitness Certification has been the most innovative system developed for group fitness classes and has enabled instructors from all different modalities; pilates, yoga, fitness, private, to find an integrated approach to movement. The foundation for this system implements three-dimensional drills, body weight flows, cardio, counter postures and core exercises crafted for the highest quality of results in the shortest amount of time.

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  • cue the swing, clean, press, snatch

  • Become familiar with foundational drills, the deadlift, rows, etc.

  • Learn how to structure and sequence a class

  • Acquire the technical foundation to properly instruct students

  • Understand H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training), tabatas, circuit training and their importance

  • Work with real bodies physically and read the energy of the room

  • Take command of the class to bring out their best

  • Give precise cuing, modifications, regressions, and progressions

  • Bring yourself into the room and teach from an authentic place

  • Learn a set “balance” sequence that you can use to teach group classes


What makes Balance Training one of a kind?

Our proven system will also teach you what the absolute essentials are for being a Fitness instructor that include voice, eye contact, body language, and use of space in a fun creative way that brings out the best in you. We will also teach you the highly successful secondary tools that can bring your teaching skills from good to great, these include music and metaphor, presence, cueing and story.

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