The Reformer Pilates Certification will give you all the skills to become a highly skilled Pilates instructor. The Reformer Pilates Certification certifies you to become a qualified Matwork & Reformer instructor.  When you enrol in the Reformer Pilates Certification you will receive all your study materials for each course.  There is no time limit to complete your courses. You can choose to complete them at your own pace, or around your current commitments. 

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  • Integrate the Balance teaching method into your curriculum

  • Become more familiar with the Pilates method, including Pre-Pilates, Mat 1, Mat 2.

  • Learn how to structure and sequence a class

  • Acquire the technical foundation to properly instruct students

  • Add greater depth to your movement by learning the Pilates drills

  • Understand H.I.I.T (high-intensity interval training), tabatas, circuit training and their importance

  • Put yourself and students into a state of balance

    • Work with real bodies physically and read the energy of the room

    • Take command of the class to bring out their best

    • Give precise cuing, modifications, regressions, and progressions

    • Move students from simple to complex movement by understanding how people learn

    • Increase your competence which will increase your teaching and speaking confidence

    • Bring yourself into the room and teach from an authentic place

    • Learn a set “balance” sequence that you can use to teach group classes


What makes Balance Training one of a kind?

Our Pilates Reformer Certification includes classic Mat Pilates, but it also includes body weight drills, HIIT training, counter poses, cardio, etc. You will learn to infuse different movements while keeping the Pilates adage of ︎quality over quantity.︎ The technical demonstration and cueing of the Mat 1 and 2 Pilates drills will be the foundation that will serve as a base for your future
classes. Upon graduation, you will feel competent enough to teach the Pilates Method and confident enough to command a class full of students by using the Balance approach.

You will receive a course manual, be required to attend Pilates Reformer and Matwork Pilates classes at Rebalance Pilates and Yoga, which you will have unlimited access to for a small cost. We also have a library of online support, including videos to further your training. We will recommend an online anatomy course to complement the review of the basic anatomy provided throughout the training. You will also receive feedback from senior instructors, on-going instruction to help develop your strengths as a teacher and hands on experience teaching in our classes


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