Our 200hr. Certification meets all of the criteria required to help you become a strong fundamental yoga instructor. You will learn how to structure a Vinyasa style flow class perfect for anyone from beginner to intermediate. Furthermore, under the Balance method you will be taught how to use voice, body language and eye contact to command a class. 

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  • Sanskrit names of postures

  • Anatomy principles

  • Developing an understanding of asana and how to build upon them

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of yoga sequencing

  • Learning to read a room physically, emotionally and energetically

  • Postural assists using hands-on adjustments and body language (non-verbal)

  • Traditional Yogic History and Philosophy

  • Use of props to enhance or modify a posture

  • Bring out the best teacher in you through self exploration in a supportive environment

  • Enhance your communication skills that will enable you to connect with students

  • How to build your own brand of yoga and basic business

  • The use of social media and how to further your yoga reach


What makes Balance Training one of a kind?

 Sequencing Flow: Learn how to create fun flows that incorporate traditional asanas with a unique insight to the vinyasa of today
 Building a teacher: Voice, eye contact, body language, cuing, presence and more is something that completely sets us apart. We have dedicated intensive time into what makes a destination teacher and how to truly teach.
Owning your practice: Bring out your best practice by getting feedback on your asanas that will allow you to find your yoga edge and how to pass that on to students.
Develop your style: We highly encourage our teachers to teach from a place of truth and the idea that your own voice is something that is not only worthy of being heard, but is absolutely essential in continuing the teaching of yoga.


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